A giant open-air treasure hunt!

Go in search of boxes hidden around the territory using your smartphone or GPS. The principle is simple, a puzzle and clues that will give you the location of a hiding place in the form of GPS co-ordinates. Several types of geocaching exist: some give you the GPS coordinates of the cache, others a puzzle to solve, or a series of puzzles along a course. A real treasure hunt , and at the same time chance to discover the area.

How does it work ?

1. Log on to and create your account (free).

2. Choose a cache depending on where you are or a place you want to discover.

3. Once on the page dedicated to the chosen cache, follow the instructions: Enter the coordinates into
your GPS and follow the clues.

4. Let's go! Armed with your walking shoes and your GPS, navigate to its location.

5. Bingo, you have found the cache! In it is a log book where you can leave your name or a comment.
And the treasure? In the cache, you may find an item, you can take it and replace it with something of a similar value for the next geocachers!